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From: Amy G.
Hamster: PepperAnn

PepperAnn and her sister Twinkie were given to the Gastineau Humane Society last summer. I work there and after seeing them and playing with them daily I just couldn't resist and adopted them. I keep them at work in my office so that I can play with them throughout the day. It's great to take a break and get some pet therapy at the same time. This is PepperAnn, the sweetie pie. She is so mellow and has never bitten anyone. I open the cage and she crawls up the bars right into my hand. Her favorite things are running from hand to hand, spinning in her exercise wheel, building nests and picking her favorite seeds out of her mix. I am currently working on their website. I just recently adopted Ruby (an albino) as well and will have pictures of her soon. I just love these little girls and hope that they live long and healthy lives.

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