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From: Ann Marie
Hamster: Zabu

May 25th, a sunny afternoon. We drive into the Pet shop, not expecting to take home a furry little critter. We went over to the hamsters and they had one cage with four syrians in it. One, a calico was wondering around the cage and also attacking the others. Another calico was quietly sleeping in the corner. Another very cute syrian got up from his slumber and came over to us and put his paws up on the cage. He was very cute, and I begged my mom to let me get him. When she said yes, we were just about to tell the pet shop owner, when a tiny, adorable face peeked up from the shavings. I know at that moment, I had to have him. And that brings us to now. That cute, adorbale little face's name is Zabu. He is a banded syrian and is 8 months old. I love him dearly, and the feeling is mutual. He loves his life, as I pamper him with lots of love.

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