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From: Baby Brownie

Well, we picked up Brownie on January 2, 2001. The day started with her taking a dump and piss while I was holding her in the pet store. That was her signal to me to welcome her to our home. She's about 9 months old now. She has a older sister named Butter. Butter is a bit over two. Brownie is a teddy bear hamster with golden dense fur. Brownie is very, very energetic but gentle at the same time. She has escaped several times but no serious damage has been done. She's my first hamster as an adult. I've had many as a child but raising a hamster as an adult has taught me the proper way to handle one. Caring for a hamster to the utmost isn't simple. Brownie came with a price tag of $9.99 but let me tell you, between my fiance and I, we have spent well, well over that. That's all for now. Love you Brownie and Butter Their loving owners,
Baby Brownie and Butter
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