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From: Brittany
Hamster: Vegas

I was originally supposed to be given my sister's female hammie when she found out she had a female and a male. Saddly, the hammie died. I was looking forward to having a new pet! My sister told me she would take me to the flea market so I could get one. Vegas was the most active of the bunch as I remember. He was running on the wheel. One of his eyes was matted shut and the woman told me he might only have one eye from getting in a fight. I thought about picking another but I didn't! He did have 2 eyes, not that it mattered. I would have loved him either way! I've now had him for around 6 months. We're all living well. We as in my mom and my other pets, TJ, Kloie (cats), and Nila (dog). Vegas is a good hammie :) I love him!

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