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From: CEB (Ian Hampton)

Well I got Magnum about 4 months ago, I was sad after loosing my Drawf hamsters Dib and Dab about 3 months previously, anyway I had done well at school and got a good report so my Mom and Dad said I could have a new hamster. We went to pets at home, all of the hamsters were asleep, but then there was a little black nose sticking out from the house and Magnum apeared. He had the biggest ears I had ever seen and a cute little face. He went over the the front of the tank and started sniffing at my finger through the hole in the sliding glass doors. I just had to have him. We called the assistant over and he boxed him up, ten I picked out the nicest cage (that I could afford). Now that I have had him a while he is completly tame and never bites, he loves giving me wisker kisses and sitting in my hair, and on my shoulders, I love him to bits I am so pleased I picked him!
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