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From: Faith
Hamster: Cinnamon0

Cinnamon is a interesting little girl with her eyes set on adventure at any time and any place. She loves to climb up in her tubes that go up and over her cage. She also likes to run around in her exercise ball. Mommy and Cinnamon have a game where Cinnamon jumps in and out of her exercise ball and crawls around on Mommy - then tries to jump off of her but Mommy is too smart and knows when Cinny is going to try to escape so she can run free and wild. Unfortunately it isn't a safe world out there for a little girl like Cinnamon or her Mom would let her run around the living room on her own. She is very much loved and loves to pretend she is Super Cinnamon by actually succceeding in jumping off her Mom and landing once on a whicker shelf, another time on the table and once on the floor.

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