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From: Gregg Ambrose
Hamster: Drusilla

well my sisters hamster had just died so she wanted to get another one. So I went with her. We went to our local pet shop and had a look at the baby hamsters. She coulden't decide weather to get a grey one or a black one, but i wanted her to get the black one because she was so cute! But in the end she got the grey one. So when we got home I said that I had saw this black hamster and she was the cutest. After my Mum & Dad had agred for me to get one the next day | rushed down there so I would be there before they opened. Then I went to where the hamster was but she was'nt there I though she had been sold. But then I sore a little pink nose and it was her! And i have now had her for 2 months.

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