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From: Jane
Hamster: Scooter

Scooter picked us out. We thought we were taking home another hamster from his litter, but he wouldn't have it. We had to trust him, because he seemed quite convinced. Scooter is a quiet homebody until he sees the "zoomer" ball, and then watch out! He's a cheerleader too, always encouraging the other zoomers to keep at it with little taps and nudges. He makes it a game with the others, and sometimes if they're down first, they wait for him to get things rolling. With Scooter around, five hammies on the floor in their zoomers sounds like a bowling alley! Scooter has a lovely, plush coat and likes sharing it whenever there's a pet, rub or scruffling to be found. He's a great cuddler, and loves to snuggle into your neck and nuzzle his nose behind your ear. We're very lucky he chose us!

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