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From: Jenna
Hamster: Taz

We never formally got Taz actually... we unknowingly bought her mother. We got a hamster named Spaz, and 14 days later, she had 4 babies. 2 of them were later adopted, and Spaz was also later adopted. We kept Taz and her sister, SoftNCreamy, since they are both long haired... while their two brothers and mother were shorthaired. For some reason, it was easier to find homes for the shorthaired hamsters, although not so easy that I'd ever advise breeding... it took over a year to find the 3 hamsters homes. Anyways, you are probably wondering why Taz is wearing a hat. The hat idea started when I was at the Pet Club, and we were thinking of some fun photo ideas for the hamsters. Finally, we found some hamster sized hats. We got them for the hamsters. Taz will stay still and wear a hat, but SoftNCreamy doesn't always have that much patience. Both of my hamsters are almost 2 years old. They are wonderful pets!

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