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From: Michelle Nicholson

On the 24th October 2001, my hamster Musky was put to sleep following illness. I said to myself I wouldn't get another hamster - being that I am at university and still have 4 of them. I had to pop to the pet shop on 25th October to pick up some supplies, and couldn't help but notice the hamsters in the cage. There was one, that seemed very sweet - so I did the worst thing I could have done and asked to look at them. I specifically asked to hold the one I thought was lovely. She came to me easily and everytime I put her dow she climbed back onto me using my sweater to grip on. The ineveitable happened - I bought her. She is named Snuggles - I've had her for a couple of weeks - she's tamed well, and still looks cute as you can see from the photo!
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