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From: Michelle
Hamster: Marmaduke

This is my angora hamster, Marmaduke. He is 5 months old. When he was bought, we were supposed to get a black bear hamster. Turns out it was a gerbil! Then I saw two hamsters, one that looked like Starry, one of my 5 hamsters, and a hamster that had tan and white fur(Marmaduke). I wanted the one that looked like Starry, but it was viscious. So I got Marmaduke. He was really going to be named PB(Short for Peanut Butter)but then, I thought about Marmalade. Too girly. So I thought and said, "Dukes are royal, maybe something like that." Then I, knew the name. I took "lade" of "Marmalade" and put on "duke" and his name was known. He is very lovable. He also is the longest haired hamster that is a boy. Over 4 inches long!

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