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From: Paola
Hamster: Henry

I got Henry when I went to my local pet store. I was just browsing just looking at what they had, when one of the gentlemen came up to me and asked if I need help, I just told him that I was just looking around. I�ve never owned any hamsters before but they looked so cute, so I did the unthinkable and ask to see one of them. The worker picked Henry and he told me this guy was his favorite, so as I walk around the store I instantly got attached, he fell asleep in my arms and at that very moment he was destined to be mine. I was thinking what I was gonna tell my boyfriend. So by the time I left the store, I had a new cage new hamster new toys, I figured it would have to be a good story to keep him. I told him I found Henry along the side of our apartment and that he was in the box and I couldn�t resist his cute little black eyes, I bought him. After a month I finally told my boyfriend that he was bought and not founded, he smiled and loves his Henry dearly.

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