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From: Rosalind Tay
Hamster: Scruffy

I was about 11 when i got scruffy. My friend gave it to me as she has loads of hamsters at her house. Well, Scruffy was a very adorable hamster. Although he normallys get into fights with my brother's hamster, he will always win. My brother always complains about scuffy fighting with his hammy and my mother always threaten to throw him away if i continue to let him fight. Scruffy is considered a very VERY Big hammy as he's about 5inches in lenght. he'll always sleep in the afternoon and sometimes through the night too. my cage has three stories and hammyboy will always scamper up and down as he wish. he also runs on a squecky wheel and then go thru the tunnels there. Hammyboy also swings on he's homemade swing and although he can't balance on it, he always tries to chew it. well, scruffy was a family pet and we've always loved him.

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