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From: Wai Yee
Hamster: Joey

This was my second hamster I own. He was such a darling, with brown and white fur and red bead eyes. I guess he did what other hamsters do - eat sunflower seeds and running on his wheel. He had evening walks around my living room and that when the tragedy happened. Joey was having his evening stroll under couches and tables when he discovered a way to exit through our main entrance of the house. He went out to as far as the road right in front of our house, and that's when my family realized that he was gone. We switched on the porch light and saw him outside the house (it has gotten pretty dark by then). Suddenly, a cat (bad, bad cat) came out of nowhere and took Joey in its mouth for its meal. It was really saddening. We tried to chase the cat, but it was too fast for us. At that moment, we knew Joey was gone forever. My sister cried bitterly. I missed him badly.

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