Goober's Grand Gala

Welcome to Goobers Grand Gala!! We hope you enjoy it here!! You can e-mail us at [email protected]!Please send us your hampter sites and well post hope to talk to ya soon! LOVE YA <3 ~*Lyssy*~ GOOBERS INFO: I got Goober on June 30 2001 at Adorable Pets in Point Pleasant NJ! He has an Italian style cage with a wheel and a house ramps and other things! He loves his Kritter Krawler and his Habitrail Playhouse!The second day I had him I held him!We played and had so much fun! He is a DWARF ROBINSKY HAMSTER!!He doesn't bite either! HE HAS NEVER BITTEN A PERSON!Well me and Goober gotta go now! WE LOVE YA <3 ~*Lyssy&Goober*~ REMEMBER NEVER PUT YOU AND YOUR HAMPSTERS NAME IN A HEART IT COULD BREAK PUT THEM IN A CIRCLE THAT GOES ON FOREVER!

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