Run Hammy Run
(last update 3 Aug 03 : remove tabulated data, only update graph.)

Welcome to my "Run-Hammy-Run" project. The original idea was from the caretaker of Jane the hamster living in Karlstad,Sweden.

The bicycle computer (a digital trip meter) cost around Singapore dollar $27.

The magnet came with it was too large to fit to the hamster wheel. I used a small magnet block from a DIY shop and taped to the back of the wheel. The sensor from the bicycle computer happened to fit snuggly right between the cage bar. The wire was dressed away from the cage. Everything was behind the wheel that hamster cannot access to.

The device needed to be calibrated to the right setting. The range of the device was for bicycle from 1300mm (16" diameter wheel) wheel circumfrence to 2155mm (27"). The hamster wheel size was 167mm diameter (circumfrence was pi*D=524.6mm). I took a 3x ratio and set the device to 1574mm, which mean the reading at the meter need to divide by 3 for the actual reading.
The meter can record : total distance (km), average speed (km/h), total time of activitation (hr) & current speed (km/h).

The setup was tested by turning the hamster wheel by hand (say, 20 revolutions) and calculate the actual distance vs the meter reading.

Recording was started on 14 June 03.


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