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Many visitors have asked me how to do certain things to their webpages. Here is a list of common questions and answers and tips to make your webpage better.
Q: How do I add stuff to my page?
A: you can add to your pages with the edit button. Your pages are html pages and have a ".html" extension at the end. Select one of these files and click the edit button.

Q: How do I add pictures?
A: Select the html file you would like to add the picture to and click edit. The html code will show in a text box which you can edit. To place a picture in your page add this code into your page:
<img src=" (link to picture) " >
for example, adding this code
<img src="http://www.hamsterhouse.com/images/hamps.jpg">
will show this picture on your page:

You can upload pictures into your web account and then make picture links to them.

Q: How do I add links?
A: Adding links is simple. Here is the basic link code: <a href=" (link here) "> (link name) </a>
adding this code to the page
<a href="http://www.hamsterhouse.com">Hamster House</a>
Will show this on your page:
Hamster House

General Tips

Put code between <b> and </b> to make it bold.

Put code between <i> and </i> to make it italicized.

Put code between <center> and </center> to make it centered.

use <br>
to <br>
make <br>
line <br>
breaks <br>
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