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News HI.my name is Jim.My Hamsters name is Fox.My best friends name is melanie.she had 3 hamsters but her favrit one (Wolf) died and last time i talked to her she told me her other hamster (speedy) was dieing.she has her last one (a girl)named lightning.My music is blibk182_whats my age again.Well this is my hamster page.My Hamster lives in a class tank (not used in wars the ones fish use).Fox is a mounth and 3 days old (right now any way) our 2 hamsters will breed they do show interest in each other and they do not fight. Facts (for breeding) if you have a teddybearhamster or short hairhamster you need to know:health:eyes must be shiny:nose must be clean (like not runny and you know that kind of thing):fur must be clean not dirty.house: they need a wheel to run in and a ball to:fresh beding every week:fresh water every day:any thing other then that:play with your hamster a lot like not every day but every hour unless your at school or work.


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