Choosing Your Hamster

Do you know what to look for when buying a new hamster?
If not, this is a rough guide made especially for you!
The first decision that you will need to make is the type of hamster that you'd like.
Do you want a syrian or dwarf? Long-haired or short? It's up to you!
There are many places that you can get hamsters from such as pet shops, special breeders, friend who has a hamster with babies or an animal rescue shelter.
Once you've made the decision of where you'll get your new hammy fromthere are things you need to know to make sure you get a healthy hamster.
When you see the litter of baby hamsters lookout for lively, energetic babies that are running around. Hamsters are naturally curious animals so you should be able to spot this. Next, when you have your eye on one ask the person/breeder in the shop/shelter if you can hold the hammy. You have the right to do this. When you handling the puppy, check that his/her eyes are bright and shiny and that he or she has a clean, dry bottom. Make sure that there are no scabs, bald patches on the body and ensure that the hamster's ears are clean inside. After you have checked all this, ask the breeder what sex the baby is (if you do not know) after all you need to be able to name him or her appropiately! Once you are happy that you have a healthy hamster take her home and enjoy and have fun! Before you bring your hamster home, you should already have the cage prepared to minimise stress for him/her.
Check the tips page on my site for extra ways to have fun with your hammy.
I hope this helped the less experienced hammy owners out there!

Hamster Tips

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