Hamster Questions and Answers

Q. What does my hamster need in it's cage?
A. It is essential for your hamster to have a food bowl, a water bottle, a wheel, nesting area with bedding and a few toys.

Q. Can hamsters live together?
A. It depends on what type of hamster you have. Syrians and Chinese hamsters are solitary animals and will fight until death if put together with others. Dwarf hamsters like companions, but they have to be siblings or introduced from birth!

Q. How long does a hamster live for?
A. The normal lifespan of a hamster is two years, some live for three.

Q. What can I feed my hamster?
A. You should feed your hamster with the regular dry hamster mix, available from all good pet stores. Plus you should give your hamster a handful of fruit or veg daily. Be careful not to overfeed them on this though because your hamster will get diarrhea. Fruit and veg that hamsters love include cucumber, carrot, lettuce, apple, grapes etc. You can also feed them the occasional treat of dog biscuits!

Q. What shouldn't I feed my hamster on?
A. You should never feed your hamster oranges, onions, chocolate, toffees or sweets or garlic.

Q. How often should I clean my hamster's cage?
A. Once a week you should wash the cage and renew all the hamsters bedding and sawdust etc. You should clean their toilet area at least twice a week to prevent build up of amonia which is dangerous for the hamster's breathing.

Q. What things can I do with my hamster to make playtime fun for them?
A. You can buy the zoomer balls for you pet hamster to run in, they love them. Smaller versions are also available for dwarfs! You can have a safe-proof box full of sawdust for your hamster to tunnel in. Your can make one room in your house hamster proof (this means getting rid of all wires and things that your hamster may chew, making sure there is NOWHERE for your hamster to escape and nowhere that your hamster can climb and fall. Once you have a hamster proof room, then you can let your hammy roam free! For no longer than half an hour each time though (this also applies to the zoomer balls.)

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