For a new hamster owner, finding out what you'll need to buy can be a challenge as pet stores will tell you to buy loads of things you don't really need. Next to each object is a brief description. For more information, go to The cage and other items. Feel free to print this out.

New hamster Buying Checklist-The necessities

Housing: Cages (Syrians only), plastic or glass tank, connectable cage or plastic and wire cage.

Bedding: Wood shavings for the floor-no pine or cedar-aspen is safe. For nesting bedding, use toilet paper shredded.

Food: Dry hamster mix

Water Bottle: Use one as opposed to a water bowl

Wheel: Do not buy metal runged ones.

Food Bowl: Chose one which is difficult to tip.

And the optional bits

Ball: Useful for when your cleaning the cage.

Hamster potty: Yes hamsters can be potty trained!

Antibacterial/Disinfectant spray-Great for cleaning the cage.

Add-ons  if you have a connectable cage.


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