The Cage and other Items

Sometimes you'll see items in pet shops an you'll think, do I need that? Well, here is a description of the necessities and optional things that you'll find.
Note: This takes quite a while to load! There are LOTS of pictures

The Cage
Other Bits and Pieces

The Cage 

There's no question about it, this is a necessity
 Rotastak Maxi Tunnel FunThe Connectable
Lil' Paw 2 Story Hamster Cage, Blue and WhiteThe Wire Cage
Sam 151 Toob-a-Loop HomeThe wire and connectable cage
Aquarium & Plastic HoodThe Tank/Aquarium

Super Pet CritterTrail OneThe wire and plastic cage

There are five main types of cage available but of course you can make your own these five types are: Connectable, wire, wire and connectable, wire and plastic and tanks. Wire cages should only house Syrian hamsters and dwarfs can squeeze through the bars.
I personally think that the connectable cages are far too expensive although, what I am going to do is to connect my old aquarium to my cage using adapters and tubes. If you are going to use tubes, make sure your hamster is OK with going down vertical drops-Jet wont go down even for a choccie treat!

Click here for my page of cages.

Sit-N-Snooze Sofa from Super Pet
Its a good idea to get a house too. Most wire cages come with them. If you have a Syrian, make sure it will be big enough for when your hammy is fully grown.


And this is also a necessity

Big Value Bale of Shavings Wood shavings
Petlife Paper Bedding
This is SAFE nesting bedding
Recycled Paper Bedding
This is also safe bedding

The floor of a cage should be covered in a 1/2" or so layer of wood shavings. You can always put more in. For nesting material, use either shredded toilet paper or shredded paper or any of the bedding above.


What do you think? NO IT NOT OPTIONAL!

I personally mix Harry the Hamster hamster food by "Supreme pet foods" and 
PAH Hamster Food Pets at home hamster mix. My hammy seems to like the mixture!

Hamster Bottle Deluxe
You definitely need a water bottle. Water dishes are a big NO NO as the water easily gets infected.

Hamster Pot
Food bowl. Make sure you get one that is gnaw proof and will not tip over easily. You don't need one, you could always just scatter the food on the floor. Ceramic type ones are best.

Shaws Mineral Wheels

<--I have this for Jet. I bought it for 69p on the market!

Mineral stones are really good for your hamster. They make sure that your hamster is getting all the vitamins it needs while helping to keep their teeth down!


I think that a wheel is a necessity as its one way a hamster gets its exercise.
You shouldn't buy a metal runged wheel as a hamster could get its feet trapped. If you do have to buy a metal runged wheel, weave a strip of either plastic or cardboard in and out of the rungs.

Sam 11 Workout Wheel Hamster Workout Wheel
These are good wheels. 

SAM  Hamster Wheel
This is a bad wheel because of its rungs

These are excellent wheels! They are called "Wodent Wheels". You can buy them from the UK from  

Albri Coloured Playball
A ball is one of those lil inventions I just couldn't live without. It lets your hamster run around while you can keep a beady eye on it. It is also VERY handy when you're doing your weekly cage clean!
Sam 160 Turbo Cycle

I think these are sooooo cute. I haven't got one for my hamster yet though. Although it doesn't give your hamster as much freedom,  I think it would still be very cute! You can take the front wheel of them too.

Woodworks See-Saw
A little hammy see saw. I don't have one of these and I'm not sure my hamster would like it because I think she would get freaked out when it went down! LOL!

Sam 108 Coco-Cabana Nest
This is one type of house for you hamster. Its sort of necessary. You might get one with your cage though.

Pocket Pals Small Animal Latex Cage Accessories Lil'Paw Plastic Hamster Houses
Little houses and tubes are fun to play in.

Other bits and pieces

These are totally optional.

Superpet Hamster Potty from Pets at HomeSuper Pet  Small Animal Outhouse and Outhouse Litter from Pet Smart

<--I've got Jet this one

 A hamster potty. Yes, I do have a potty trained hamster. For more info on how to potty train
your hamster, go to that section.

You'll also need to buy more litter!

Bea Clean Disinfectant
Small pet disinfectant is really useful. This is the one I use. It's not necessary, you could just use antibacterial fairy and hot water.

Snack-N-Nap Cafe from Super Pet
Snack bar. I think this is sooooo cute, an alternative to the food bowl.

Yes! You can get a hammy harness! This allows you to "walk" your hamster for short periods of time! Although, I have no idea where to get it from! And I suppose getting your hamster in it would be a bit of trouble.


3D Apple Chew
This is a wood chew. Its really good for keeping a hams teeth in trim. Although, after the first few nibbles, my hamster forgets about it! If your hamster does this, try rubbing a treat on it!

Hamster Drops (strawberry)
My hamster loves these! But you should only give one or two a day. I slit mine in half so I an give Jet  4 halves a day!




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