Feeding Tips and Tricks


Jet seems to like her food now I've spiced it up a little. Just by adding a little to her mix and placing of fresh food, you can make mealtime more interesting!

Depending on how much your hamster eats a day, add about 3/4 or that in their bowl. Put some other seeds and bits in with it- like sesame seeds, dry rice, watermelon seeds etc. Click here for more info on what to feed. Anyway, back to this food. Add a few cornflakes-just a few and, for a treat, maybe a few little pieces or roasted peanuts or pecans.

As for fresh food, don't just put it in their bowl, make them look for it, Use twist ties to attach sticks of carrot to cage bars or just shove sticks of vegetable through the bars then turn them 90 degrees to wedge them in a bit more.
It'll give your hamster some thing to do.
Try to use veg or nuts as treats not chocolate because veg and fruit are healthier.
If you feed at night, remove any fresh veg in the morning and clean the food bowl and refill the water bottle every day or every 1-2 days.

Hope you hammy will like their food!

And don't forget, let your hammy eat out of your hand now and again!