Potty Training your hamster

It sounds impossible, but my hamster is potty-trained.  It is very simple to potty-train hamsters, since they are creatures of habit. They usually pick one corner of their cage in which they urinate. All you have to do is find that corner and follow these steps. Although, some hamster just pee anywhere!

- Find a glass or plastic jar that is big enough for your hamster to turn around in. Take the lid off. There are also hamster potties you can buy but a jar works just as well!

- Turn the jar on its side and place it in the corner you hamster pees in.

- Place some dry droppings and wet littler in the jar to encourage your hamster.

- The next day, look inside the potty. You might find that your hamster is actually using it!

An advantage of potty-training your hamster is that the smell will be almost (almost-not totally) eliminated if you clean out the potty everyday or so.

Go on, make your hamster a potty today!