Price list

This is what it cost me to buy all the things for my hammy and everything I've bought so far.

The Initial Items

Cage: �19.99
Water Bottle: �0.99
Recycled paper bedding: �0.85
Feeding Bowl: �1.15
Pets at home hamster food: �1.69
Wood Shavings: �2.99
Jet: �5.99

Items I have bought

Harry the Hamster Food: �1.75
Beaclean Small pet Disinfectant spray: 2.99
Ball: �2.99 
Critter Trail Puzzle Playground: �7.59
Yoghurt treats: �0.39
Chocolate treats: �0.39
Brush: �2.69
Bigger Wheel: �2.99

(Yes I do spoil my hamster)