I know a few different ways of taming. Here is Jane from Hamster House's method:

"Someone just asked for help handling a new hamster, and I thought it might be useful to repost it here for all to see instead.  I've had very good luck with both young hamsters  and frightened rescued scaredy-hams.  I hope something from our experience helps.  

I started by sitting on the bed with the home inside a safe "corral" and opening its door.  Then waited.  Curiosity wins, always will.

Once the hamster is out, he's in a limited space with you and surrounded by your scent.  Eventually, each came sniffing and climbed up my leg or arm.  They avoided my hands, so I didn't use them.

After a few tries, when they weren't bothered by me anymore, I started cupping my hand over their back softly as they walked on me.  From there I picked them up and laid them against my chest until they decided to walk out from under my fingers.

After a couple days of this, I let them walk out directly on my chest -- again, no hands -- till they had all fours on me, then I cupped them as they had become accustomed.  After we were done playing, running in the ball, whatever they were out for, I picked them up and handled them on their way home, so my hands weren't taking them out, they were taking them home where they were safe.

Always approach him with freshly washed hands, and be sure your soap doesn't have a food smell.  If he doesn't like your hands in his home, respect that, and let him come out to you.  If his home won't permit that, use a tube or cup he can walk into and out of.  I have a plastic soup ladle I use for dwarf hamsters, and it works well.

For a little while, just have one person handle him -- whoever he objects to the least.

Talk to him softly and gently whenever you're near and he's awake.  Stand close so he matches your voice to your scent, and keep your scent as consistent as possible while you're getting started.

Never disturb him while he's asleep or in his nesting area.  That should be his safe haven.  Giving him that security will make him bolder.

If he starts to mouth you, steer his mouth away with a finger and blow on his face lightly and briefly (unless you have a cold) to distract him.  If he bites, blow again and give a big, startling, "No!"  If he's too stressed to continue, stop, but not without a little pet or cuddle first, so that biting doesn't have the desired result and isn't reinforced.

If he's fearful -- on his back pushing you with his paws, squealing, baring his teeth or playing dead -- stop immediately, take him home and walk away.

Never miss a chance for a gentle touch outside his home.  Avoid his face and head for a while.  Take his paw on your finger, or stroke a finger down his back.  When you're holding him and he struggles to wander or get down, let him.  Your hands shouldn't be a prison, but a way to get to neat places and have good things.

Most importantly, try at the same times every day when the hamster is already awake and alert -- morning and evening both, even if it's only for a few minutes."

This is MY way of taming:
"You know how people say to tame hamsters, let them eat from your hand then stroke em then pick them up etc etc. My dad has a totally new way that works. Well it did for me. Here's how it works.
I was starting taming the "normal" way and my dad said I was being to pikkie and was probably frightening it more so you know what he did, he lifted the cage bit off and my hamster was sat in the base, a bit miffed. He cupped his hands round her and and after a bit or scurrying in the base of her cage, he caught her. She was sitting in his cupped hands which were sort of closed not nipping, scratching or scrabbling just looking and sniffing.
He put her in her ball and she had a good run round my room.
We decided to try to hold her for a bit and my dad suggested just letting her go on the open floor which there was no way I was doing that. We built a sort of triangle around her and let her go. she looked as if she was enjoying it. we could stroke and touch her and she didn't seem to mind. My dad tried cupping her and succeeded but she got free of his hands. Me and my mum tried it to and only I and my dad could hold her!
Next i sat in our little "corral" and put her on my legs. She climbed up to me and seemed to be OK!
Now she'll let me pick her up anytime!!
We put her in the ball for a little while, while i pinched out her pee corner then when it was time to put her back in her cage, i stroked her in the ball then gently picked her up. she was a bit scrabbly but when she new she was going into her cage, she calmed down.
Now she's in the cage next to me watching me   he he he!

I don't know if this will work for you, try the "proper" method first. But bare in mind, my dad is very strong minded and will tame this hamster if its the last thing he does! LOL!!!!!!!
Also, I don't really think you should try this with a ham who nips."