Hamsters are wonderful pets! they are easy to take care of ...well if you have the time! they are fun to watch cause you can see them run through there little tubes and on thier wheels!that is all the reason why i created this site!in the honor of chubby cheeks everywhere!they have a little mind of there own!hamster+happy+hideouts=a very fun and enjoyable pet!hamster come in all different colors and coat lengths so when you get ready for a furry friend pick the one thats suites you best!ex.if you have alot of time on your hands and like to brush and groom your friend then get a long haired hamster.but if you dont have as much time get a short cause they are easy to groom cause they dont have as much hair! if you have a cat get a hamster that is like a banded or cinnamon so the cat dont think its a mouse.be careful if you have tubes on the cage and you have a fat hamster cause watch you hammy cause they can get stuck in the tubes!if you have any questions on you hammy looking sick or unwell call your vet NOW!DONT WAIT! it could be serious!any questions on pet care or what kind of products are the best mail me at [email protected] with the subject at hamsterparidise and i will answer your questions any mail you the ansers or suggestions!!!thanks kalli

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