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Rodent Links

For Hamsters:

Hamster House - Of course I had to link to HH. This is the best hamster site on the Net. There's really no information on the site itself, but the forums are great. Everybody is really friendly, and is always willing to answer your questions and concerns. You can also make your own site there (as long as it has something to do with hamsters), and there are quizzes, a calendar and a lot more.

Caring for Hamsters - All kinds of information on caring for your hamster. This site also has lots of really cool toy ideas.

Hamster World - A brand new site all about hamsters and their care. Information on dwarf and Syrian hamsters. The forum is growing rapidly as well, and there is many conversations going on there already. Also watch Nibbles, a female Syrian from England on the live hamster cam.

California Hamster Association - A site with tons of useful articles about hamsters and their care.

Pearl's HomeCage - A site about Pearl the hamster and all about hamsters in general.

For Mice:

[email protected] - My bible! Anything you could ever want to know about caring for your mice can be found right here.

::Mouse:: - A cute little site with lots of info on breeding and nice pictures. The design of the site is really nice too, I think.

For Rats:

The Dapper Rat - One of my favorite rat sites. Really, really nice rat photography, tons of toy and cage ideas, and rat merchandise.

Rats are People Too! - This site is weird, but cute.

Aww...Rats - I love her pictures, they are so cute! Look at the hammocks she has for sale too, I just ordered two of them for my new cage, they are really nice. She also has pages for her mice and hamster too.

Morty and Max: The Comic Strip For Rat Owners - These comics are so funny! Anybody who owns rats can relate to them.

The Rat's Guide to Responsible Human Ownership - For all you rats out there who aren't quite satisfied with your human's behavior, read this!

SFR Rattery - Site about a rattery located in Michigan. She breeds hamsters, mice, rats, and other small animals.

Rat Palace - Toy suggestions, photo gallery, rat care tips. Most of the stuff on this site is posted by the members.

Rat Sauce - Downloads, clip art, toys, breeding info, and a lot more.

Why Rats Need Company - This article discusses the importance of keeping rats in pairs or groups.

World Rat Day
Celebrate World Rat Day on April 4th!

Ratz - For The Love of Ratz - A site with cute photos and tons of fun puzzles and games.

Misc. Rodent Links:

Erodent - This site is about exotic rodents like chinchillas, degus, and Persian jirds. Really interesting, and good pictures.

Rodent Fancy - Lots of articles, and the forum is a great place to read up on rodent care of ask questions.

Psyco Animals - Site from another Hamster House member all about different kinds of animals, wild and domestic!

Which Pet Rodent? - Which pet rodent is right for you? This is a useful page that can help you determine which rodent would make the right pet for you, depending on how much money it costs, how much time it needs from you, and whatever else you need to know about the kind of animal you'd like for a pet.

Kathy's Kritter Tales - Very cute site with illustrated hamster and guinea pig stories. Wonderfully designed.

Rodentia Dementia - Lots of photos and information on her pets. Very touching memorials.

Rodent Shopping: - One of my favorite rodent shopping sites. I don't have any PETsMART stores in my area so the site comes in handy. The prices and shipping costs are reasonable and there is a huge selection.

The Rat-alog - Tons of toys, treats, and novelties for rats and rat lovers. Many unique items available here.

Handmade With Love - Hammocks, pockets, snuggle snacks, and chew toys all handmade. I bought my rats a tent and hammock from her, and they absolutely love them. There are items for hamsters, rats, guinea pigs, and other small animals available here for great prices.

eBay Listings : Rodents - has a HUGE selection of used and new rodent supplies. I won many cages from Ebay for really great prices. Watch what you bid on of my cages was cracked when it got here. Make sure you can view GOOD pictures of the items before you bid on them. Also, make sure you thoroughly wash and disinfect anything you buy used.

The Ferret Store - The Ferret Store is definately my favorite place to shop online for my pets. The prices are outstanding, and the shipping is free if you live in the US and your order is $25 or more. (And if you're like me, it will be!) Also, they don't sell pine or cedar on their site, which is always a good thing. They always throw a little freebie of some sort into your order (last time I got a ruler) and they will even ship your order in plain box to you if you live in an apartment or somewhere you're not aloud to keep pets at. (How cool is that?)

Biology Links:

I love Biology. Without Biology we would not know so much about our furry friends, and without our rodent friends we would not know so much about ourselves. So I think it all pretty much ties in together.

Kimball's Biology Pages

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