The Rat Quiz - How much do you know?

1) Rats are social animals, what does this mean?
a) That they want to spend all of their time socializing with humans, and humans only.
b) That they should be housed in single sex groups or pairs, because they thrive on attention from other rats.
c) That they love to socialize with other animals in the house, such as hamsters and mice.
d) That they love to chirp very loudly to their humans.

2) What group of foods below would make a healthy diet for rats?
a) Lab block, nutra lite dog food, fruits, and veggies.
b) Hamster mix, fruits and veggies, and yogurt drops.
c) Bird seed, dried bread
d) Table scraps

3) What is the minimum size for a comfortable cage?
a) 10 inches long by 10 inches wide
b) 12 inches long by 6 inches wide
c) 36 inches long by 12 inches wide
d) 24 inches long by 12 inches wide

4) When you first bring home a new rat, it is advised to keep them quarantine from other pets for how long?
a) 5 months
b) One week
c) 2-4 weeks
d) A day or so

5) When introducing rats, what is one of the first steps you should follow?
a) Putting them together in the same cage
b) Put the domimant rat in the new rats cage.
c) Introduce them on neautral territory under close supervision
d) Put the new rat in the dominant rats cage

6) What is one use of a rats tail?
a) Hanging from their cage bars
b) Picking things up
c) Used as a whip when fighting
d) Balance

7) What is the scientific name for the "Brown rat"?
a) Rattus rattus
b) Rattus norvegicus
c) Rattus mortegicus
d) Rattus cantegicus

8) Why is that some rats weave their heads back and forth?
a) To help them judge the depth of objects and distances.
b) To listen to what's going on around them.
c) To show that they are happy.
d) Nobody really knows.

9) At what age should a litter of baby rats be seperated by sex?
a) 3 weeks
b) 4 weeks
c) 5 weeks
d) 6 weeks

10) Why do we love rats so much?
a) Because they're cute
b) Because they love us, too
c) Because they are playful and curious
d) All of the above

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