If you were a rodent, which would you be?

1. My sleeping pattern is mostly like this:

I have a very set sleeping schedule. I like to get the same amount every day.
I sleep when I feel like it, normally just cat-naps here and there.
I sleep as much as I can!
I get just enough to get me through my day.

2. My favorite activities are:

Sleeping, laying in bed, eating, hanging out with my friends.
Exersizing, doing funny, wacky things, being hyper.
Exploring, dreaming about far-away lands, being curious about everything.
Working out, playing with friends, rearranging my house.

3. My favorite foods are:

Mostly anything. I like healthy foods but I like candy and snacks now and again.
Anything that's not healthy!
Mainly fruits and vegetables.
Anything hard and crunchy.

4. How often do you exersize?

For a little while each day. Usually on my treadmill.
As little as possible.
All the time! I love to run!
Most of the day.

5. My dream home would be something like this:

Big, roomy, mansion with lots of stories. Should be loaded with couches, sofas, and lots of soft things.
A house with lots of hallways, secret passages and doorways.
A house with lots of toys, and lots of rooms to hang out and get away from the world in.
Something big and roomy, preferably one story with a huge backyard that has a garden.

6. One feeling you love the most is:

Feeling loved.
Being in the company of my friends.

7. Where is your ideal vacation spot?

A hot, sandy desert where there is nothing but sand for miles and miles.
A warm beach where you can laze in the sun all day.
Camping in the forest.
A place with a lot to do, see, and explore, like exploring a pyramid in Egypt.

8. Someone new moves into your neighborhood or comes to your school, you....

Usually be-friend them within a couple of days.
I make friends with them, but first I show them that I was here first and they need to respect that.
I might be their friend...but sometimes it takes me a long time to get used to new people.
Pick on them and let them know they're not wanted here. I don't want any friends!

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