All answers to any quizes are on the answer page. You can click the link at the bottom to get there. No cheating!!!! Quiz Take my fun quiz to test your knowledge on hamsters! 1)How many types of hamster are there? 2)Which type of hamster is the most sociable? 3)Which is the smallest type of hamster? 4)Which type of hamster was thought to be extinct? 5)Should you put to different types of hamsters in one cage? 6)How many Syrians should be kept in one cage? Answers Now try another quiz now! Do you just love hamsters because they're cute? Find out here: 1) Do you just like hamsters because they're so cute? 2) If a hamster was cute but hated you so you wouldn't be able to get it out would you keep it? 3) If you HATED hamsters but saw a really really cute one would you buy it? 4) Is there any other reason why you love hamsters except that you think they're cute. Look on the Answers

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