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It is best to buy your hamster from a breeder because breeders will think and plan about the birth more than in pet stores. However this isn�t always possible, getting a hamster from a pet store can be fine though it would be best from small shops instead of large ones. If you are buying one from a large shop check it�s clean because this is a good sign if it is untidy and dirty this is best avoided. When you buy your hamster make sure you have everything you need, you can�t let the hamster live in a cardboard box! It will need food, bedding, a cage, a water bottle and toys. Only get your hamster if you will give it attention and play with it regularly. When you get your hamster leave it in its cage for a few days. After 2 days get yourr hamster out and handle it everyday so it can get used to you. After you hamster and you are used to eachother you can start trying to train it tricks. One of them is getting a piece of food that your hamster likes and holding it in the air so he/she could reach up to get it, keep trying this (not too much) and your hamster may beg! Dwarf hamsters are highly sociable creatures, so getting 2 is the best idea, Dwarfs are the opposite of Syrian hamsters because Syrians prefer to live alone. Home

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